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3 New Methods Revealed To Earn Money During Lockdwon, You Should Know.

Lockdown Extension   

 As we know Coronavirus gives us a great shock of lockdown this year. Everyone is pushed to get a complete rest of 21 days at home. But it is not the end, because Corona had not gone. It's rapid increasing cases and deaths in the country forced the government to take another decision to extend the lockdown. As per the reports lockdown in india is extended to which extent we don't know. This extension would affect the living of common peoples in the country. Peoples who go outside and earn from the road will dissatisfied with the lockdown extension. But if there is good health there will be good wealth. At this time we need to stay healthy instead of thinking about the other things. People who like to wander here and there will bother a lot. Because they are not allowed to go outside as the matter of infection. But it is well known fact that every problem comes with a hidden opportunity and solution in it. It is the only perspective of a person that can help to judge that problem and find the opportunity in it or to find it's solution.

What we should do in Lockdown? 
     There is no treatment for corona right now. Only one solution known to us that protect ourself from infection is to maintain social distancing. We should maintain a distance of about 6 feet with others to stop the spread of infection. In this way we may be able to break the chain at some extent and decrease the death graph curve (corona graph). There are many other preventions suggested by WHO and doctors such as wearing masks, washing hands, sanitization etc,.
      Being a responsible citizen of a country, we should at least implement these methods to protect yourself from such a disease like COVID-19. If any symptoms of corona seems in you, you should realize that you are harmful for others. It is better to take a complete medical checkup via internet or online consultation rather to go to the hospital. Instead of going to bank we can use BHIM UPI or paytm like services  for money transaction or bill payment. These are few steps that make us able to stand up at this bad time.

Can't we earn money in lockdown? YES!
     Corona affects the health as well as economy. Due to lockdown shops closed, many small workers can't go for work and businesses are completely closed. So it would have a adverse impact on the revenue of poor peoples who earns their one time meal from road. Due to lockdown it is not allowed to work together. It is the great problem for a common man.
     But as I stated above every problem comes with it's solution and with some added opportunities. Corona is the problem and lockdown is the only alternative for this problem. There might be an opportunity with this alternative. And it is....................
        Yes, during this lockdown we can try a lot of things that cannot be done in our busy life. We can try to earn money from internet. Everything is trending on internet right now. Most of the population of India stays at home. To overcome the tiredness, most of the people goes to the mobile and start surfing YouTube, TV, Google etc,. So there is a pre  planned audience for your content. If you are interested in making fame in internet you can try many methods to go viral during lockdown such as

uploading some videos of own to YouTube,

Try to write blogs or post,

upload tutorial of any subject, students stayed at home needs lectures from internet etc. There are lots of work to earn money during this lockdown.
I hope you like my idea and will share it with others.

        Your comments are very precious to us please write your experience about this post.


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