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3 Scientific Ways To Boost Memory: How To Remember Things For Long Time

Hello readers, In previous article we talk about forgetting and cause of forgetting with suitable theories like Trace Decay Theory, Motivated Forgetting, Retrieval Failure and many more. After that I have seen many queries searched by people on google like "How can I train my brain to remember faster and remember more", "How can I boost my remembering power", "How to remember things forever", "How to remember for test" and blah blah blah blah.
So I decide to write an article on this topic of remembering and learning things faster. As you give your precious time to us, it is our responsibility to provide you with a great content. I promise you after reading to this article you will never forget anything in your life, because to everyone forgetting is an offence. You will not even forget the name of our website. So far as let's start our journey to understand the best way to train our mind that it will never forget anything anymore.

Photo of brain showing three ways to remember anything faster
Firstly I personally recommend you to know Why do we forget and Cause of forgetting. It will be easy for someone to find it's solution when you know why we forget or can't remember. It is not the fact that we can't remember things but the fact is that we don't train our mind that it will easily grab things for long time. While we are taking information from our five sense organs i.e. ear, skin, eyes, nose and tongue the information that we feel, we smell, we hear or we see will directly goes to unconscious mind. From this area conscious mind pick up the information and register into itself. You should know that conscious mind store data or information for long time on the other hand unconscious mind stores it for a short time. The only way to remember for long time is to make our brain master in storing information into permanent memory or conscious mind.

Disproportional things is the best way to remember them. When you visits to market you see many cars, shops, and peoples. Do you remember all these things? Probably not the all! only few things you remember because of their disproportion or which is very native your work. It is the nature of brain that it remember extraordinary things faster than common. If you look at this image given you will never forget it.
A photo of girl taken from a lower angle.

Because it is an extraordinary image. Things which are very different such as very long or very short pricks the memory and register there for a long time. This is not the only way that I want to talk about. I takes this idea from one of the motivational speaker and business consultant Vivek Bindra.

Let's Start with


In taking of information from different sources into our mind is called learning. There is no problem with learning but if we take more input and no output that is Shallow Learning and shallow learning is a very dangerous. Most of the people increase their weight of input they just need input input input and more input. They follow blogs, they read articles, they read books, they just want to grab everything around them. But it is not the good way to remember anything. Storing the huge information which is not needed at all is useless. So we need Deep Learning.  Let's look here how can we implement deep learning. Here we will come to know how to learn deeply. While learning we must focus on the quality of information, it should be very very high. You should focus on the single thing at a time. You must be paying 100% attention to what you are reading or learning. Nowadays people do multitasking, they read while they are using social media, mobile or any other gadget. The concentration of their mind get fractionated into different task they are doing. So their mind can't find what is important and what is not. They just lost their momentum and hold on the topic. It will all wasted.


You may heard this proverb before. It is true that if don't use what you get you will lose it with the passage of time. After sucking the information from the particular context. You should do these three steps:


1. Reflect:

Gaining the knowledge of current affairs and rush to learn new things is, of course good at all.  But when you read or learn, just take a pause for a while and ask yourself, why I am reading this? why I am taking this information? what is the use of this information to me? how can I utilize this in my  life? how this thing can be helpful for me? what is the take away from this information? what I got from it? when you get the answers of all these questions, the learning solidifies. This will reflect your idea about the information you are taking. Once you got the importance of information you will be able to focus on it. Then come to the next step.

2. Implement:

Most of the people enjoy learning only. They learn new thing and get excited and search for another new thing. They don't implement what they learn. Implementing that information into real world is the beautiful way to design a goal of life. In the previous step we learnt to know why this information  is useful to us. You need to implement what you got. So that it will never be forget to you in the whole life. It will become a rich practice. If you have a habit of learning not implementing, you get a illusion of competence. When you are learning take down the notebook and pen, schedule it over the calendar. You should know what to do with this information.
You should submit the task for that information.

3. Share:

Share what you gain with others. Every time you share you actually learn it again. You will practice again and again when you share it with others. The best thing to learn is to teach it. The information that I had added in this page will be erased from your mind after few minutes. So "sharing is caring" you know, sharing  can be understand from this idea.

A word from Shafiq Hub
The peoples I have seen who are master of learning, work on output not the input. Our brain need to use it's information more than to store it. So you need to do most of the output steps rather then to consume lot of information. Just Reflect, Implement and Share what you learn is the only way to become a master in learning. Remembering things for a long time is not an easy essay, but everything in the world can be achieved by implementing common habits in one's life

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