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How To Make Google Account In Desktop And Mobile

As we know may google services and goolge drive are directly linked with google account to make a google drive account or to acess any facility of google you need to make a google account. Here are simple steps given below to make a google account. When you made the google account you will be able to get access to google drive. Google drive offers 15 GB of free storage. So you can enjoy this storage for photos, videos, musics and many other files. Google drive is ideal for most of the google user. Here in this tutorial I will learn you to make google account for both Desktop as well as Mobile user.


Step 01:

Open your browser and type create google account in the search bar

create google in desktop step 1

Step 02:

A new window will be open, fill first name, last name, username, and password (both password and confirm) in given boxes.

create google in desktop step 2

Step 03:

Now enter working phone number, Date of birth, and Gender, then click on Next.

create google in desktop step 3

Step 04:

Verify your phone number by entering the code message to in this box and click on Verify.

create google in desktop step 4

Step 05:

One last step you need to accept google term and conditions by tapping on the button accept.

create google in desktop privacy and terms


Step 01

Open “Gmail” app in your phone

Step 02

If you have already logged in with another account than you will find this logo in the top right corner, else you will get the option to create an account.

“Click” on the logo or on “Create an Account”

Step 03

Click on “Add another account” and go ahead.

Step 04

In an android phone you can create many type of accounts like Yahoo, Outlook, Live etc. But this time we are creating Google Account, So click on “Google”

Step 05

Now Click on “Create Account” below the input field provided by Google to login

Step 06

If you are creating an account for yourself then choose “For myself“.

If you are creating to manage your business then click on “to manage my business“.

Step 07

Enter the first part of your name in first box and second part in second box.

For example your name is Salman Khan, type Salman in first box and Khan in second box. And click “NEXT”

Step 08

Choose your Date Of Birth by tapping on Day, Month and Year

Step 09

Type an email address in small letters and numbers only

Note: Sometimes it shows the username is taken then add some numbers in the end and try again.

Step 10

Enter your password containing Letters, special characters and number. Using password your name or email address as your password is not recommended by Google and by me as it can be hacked by guessing.

Tip: Your password must be confidential Remember it or write it on your secret diary where no one will find it. If someone know your password he can get all of your information like Photos, Contact, Search history, location etc.

Step 11

In the next window scroll down and click on “Yes I’m In”

Step 12

Again read all the terms and conditions and scroll to down and click on “I agree” to accept Google Terms and Conditions.

In the next window “Login” to your account.

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