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7 Things You Need To Know, Before You Buy A Laptop/PC

A laptop is a basic need of everyone in this growing world. In almost every occupation or work we need a laptop to make our work easiest. A lot of work is being done by most of the people from home as well as from office, it is difficult to bring the whole desktop system from home to office and vice-versa. So laptop is best device to handle this problem due to its mobility and reliability. So, this is what about a laptop and its need.

If you want to buy a laptop for your work and want to know which laptop you should buy for your work? Then you are on the right place, here in this articles we will discuss 7 things to remember before you go to market to purchase it.
We don’t know what’s your budget, your work, your shop, or company of laptop from which you will buy, but after reading to this articles you will get an ideas about your choice and all what you need. We recommend you to take a pen and a notebook and write it down while reading. These are the 7 things you must consider before you buy a laptop:

01. Processor (CPU)

A computer contains microchip known as “PROCESSOR”. A processor has ability to make decision based on input. So CPU or processor is also known as the “Brain of Computer”. The most used processors over the world are AMD and Intel. If you are a gamer then you should buy a laptop with AMD processor. And if you are buying laptop for your office work then you should buy Intel processor. An Intel processor is known by its Core, Generation and clock speed e.g Core i5 8th Gen. 3.8 GHz. We will explain these three terms for you.


Currently there are pentium, i3, i5, i7,i9 etc. core intel processors available in the market. It is very clear if you purchase the higher core,the laptop will be more expensive. If you are just working on some Microsoft Applications then core i3 or i5 is best for you need not to waste your money on it. If you are working on Auto Cad, Android Studio like software the i7 and i9 are ideal because a lot of speed is required to run these types of applications. A processor is divided into its virtual sub-processors known as “Core”. Cores are built to divide the work load of processors and to execute the technology of multitasking. Modern PC’s comes with Dual Core(2 cores), Quad Core(4 cores), and Octa Core(8 cores). Based on your work select the core. If you want to work with more windows simultaneously then you need a higher core. We wrote more details about cores of processors in another articles.


There are many generations of processor built for marketing purpose and with added specifications e.g 5th Gen, 6th Gen, 7th Gen, 8th Gen, 9th Gen etc. It is difficult to say which generation’s processor is good, some are and may not be. There are many higher generation laptop processors with low clock speed.

Clock Speed

This is one of the most important things to consider while choosing a processor. A clock speed means how much your computer runs faster. We told you earlier that generations might have a fluctuation in clock speed but the higher core has higher clock speed so choose core based on clock speed you want. Some examples of clock speeds are, 1 GHz, 1.5 GHz, 2 GHz, 2.5 GHz and so on. Higher the clock speed faster the laptop will run, lower the clock speed slower the laptop will run.

02. Operating System (OS)/System Software

It is the system software which makes the computer to run. Without this software, computer is just like a dead body without soul. There are a variety of Operating system in the market like Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Macintosh etc. Windows is among a very ideal operating system for home and office-based work. That is why most of the laptop comes with pre-installed windows. There are various versions of windows like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, windows 10 pro and blah blah blah. Higher the windows version means more features. Like windows 10 pro comes with bit-locker on the other hand widows 10 don’t have this feature. There is a difference of ₹5000($65-$70) between these two OS. So decide before looking into your pocket, and your work. This is the thing which deals you.

You should also need to know which operating system you should buy? Operating systems are designed in such a way that it would meet all the requirements in one’s own field. A hacker would not get an appropriate User Interface (UI) and packages on windows for hacking. On the other hand a Blog Writer, Businessman or a Bank Clerk don’t have a need to open black terminal (my mean Linux OS) for once. What will be your operating system is what you are?

03. RAM (Random Access Memory)

This is the memory unit which is built to store data needed for processor unit while your computer is on. when you switch off your computer it loses the data. No need to understand the rocket science, just look at the capacity of RAM. Modern computer comes with RAM of 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB etc. The capacity of RAM also effects the speed, so decide as per your need because you can upgrade the RAM later. More RAM means more applications you can install and run with a good speed.

04. Storage HDD/SSD

Computer storage is required to save your projects, photos, music, videos, documents and everything for a long time. Most of the laptop comes with 1 TB storage which is enough, though 500 GB is also sufficient. There are two types of storage drive in laptops one is HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and other is SSD(Solid State Drive). HDD is traditional drive to save and transport data but SSD is more reliable, faster and expensive then HDD. If you want to compromise with HDD you should buy a laptop with SSD slot in it for later SSD installation. This is good option in modern laptops and computer that you can install SSD Drive by just replacement of CD Drive. An SSD Drive for booting process is good for computer health and speed.

05. Screen

There are lot of feature related to screen like, size, type, touch/non-touch etc. Laptop with touch screen and larger in size are very expensive. So the ideal size of laptop screen for office based and home based work is 14.5 to 16 inch wide. Some laptop comes with 180° turning lid. So it is based on your desire, how much you can spend.

06. Shape and Design

Unique design and attractive shape make a person to stay motivated and work more on laptop. It is necessary to choose colour, shape and design of your own choice. Whatever is inside your laptop doesn’t matter but unique design, attractive colour and shape will satisfy you with your purchase. So, choose shape and design with your heart not mind. I tell you with my own personal experience.

07. Test all the hardware component

Before buying a laptop, you should test the following components for once, though it comes under warranty but it is well known proverb “Prevention is better then cure”

  • Microphone
  • Camera
  • Speakers
  • All Keys including power key
  • All USB and PS ports
  • Charging Port
  • DVD Drive
  • Track pad and its buttons
  • Ethernet Port (If available)

This post is not sponsored by any laptop manufacturing company and we are not forcing you to purchase it from a particular brand. Buy the laptop of that company which meet your expectations, you are free to buy from any company. Hope you find your best laptop, share this post on Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter etc, to help people to find their laptop of dream. Thanks for reading………….😊😊😊

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