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How To Add Post To Featured Snippet, Tips You Need To Know

There are many things you need to know whenever you type a post like: the purpose of post, length, keywords volume, search volume, category, description,………….etc.

These are very necessary things you should include and think about before writing. But today I am not intended to tell you these boring theories of blogging. I will give you cheat codes that I got from my whole experience of blogging.

To get your post ranked at the top of search results, you need to do some extra work and modify your blog. I will discuss how you can modify your post to show it as google featured snippet.

For better understanding, I divided it into two categories one is Frontend and another is Backend post modification.


The most time user stay on your post, the more google rank it. This can be achieved only by making frontend dashing and attractive. Here are some points I added;

(a). Attractive posts

Assume someone visits your website for the first time and he will get the interface of writings and links only. How much you sure that he will visit it again? I think he won’t visit. Because your website dont attract visiter.

Try to visit your own website as a viewer. Fix what problems occur when someone will visit your website. Change theme color, text fonts, text size, styling, etc. Guess which theme is more attractive. These are all the things that you can customize within your blog to retain the audience on your post.

If regular audience retention increases then your web page rank will boost very fast. So to make it a regularly featured snippet you need to make your website more and more attractive.

(b). Sky-crapper Content

The most essential thing in blog writing is your content, and there are different ways to make content more attractive and catchy. One way to achieve this is by putting focus on writing skills.

Though SEO boost the page rank and it’s availability. But nowadays google uses Natural Language Processing( NLP ) tools which helps them to understand the quality of your content. Don’t fully rely on SEO for ranking and for google featured snippet.
I recommend you to write sky-crapper content. If you don’t know what the Sky-Crapper Content is? Don’t worry I will help you to write it. Just follow these steps:

  • Open browser a type your keyword or query. 
  • Check out the first result page.
  • Open first link of search result and read the post carefully. Don’t open ads (if any).
  • Now write 5x better content than what you just found. This is known as Writing a Sky-Crapper Content.

(c). Unique Content and Answer

Featured snippet always shows results of unique content and answers of certain queries. That may include a list, definition, or a particular topic. Google’s search results sometimes show listings where the snippet describing a page comes before a link to a page, not after as with their standard format.

As the google says, they show featured snippet when their server determines this format will help people more easily discover what they’re seeking, both from the description about the page and when they click on the link to read the page itself.

Unique content might be the answer of unique query that the people want to seek in search result. So google shows featured snippet based on two things:

  • If your content answers a particular query
  • and how much uniqe your content is?


(a). Post Hierarchy

One way to get your post on google featured snnipets is by writing post that could be easily understood by search engine. Search engines are not humans, though they are smart (due to NLP, AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning) but still a dumb machine. Till now they cannot understand a single page completely. To make them understand your post easily, writes post in a perfect hirerachy.

Both in search ranking and google featured sniptes; Post hierarchy plays an important role. It helps the search engine to understand your content. Not only google, the users mostly visits on the page where they see the content in a perfect order. No one want to read long and boring theories as everyone needs knowledge they are seeking for.

Using headings frequently is must for SEO and readability of the post. A perfect heading hierarchy breakdown your post into different sections which can be understood easily by search engine or by a human. The hierarchy I used in this post is as under:

<h1>How To Add Post To Featured Snippet, Tips You Need To Know</h1>
  <h2>Frontend Post Modification</h2>
     <h3>(a)Attractive posts</h3>
     <h3>(b)Sky-Crapper Content</h3>
     <h3>(c)Unique Content and Answer</h3>
  <h2>Backend Post Modification</h2>
     <h3>(a)Post Hierarchy</h3>
     <h3>(b)Post Schema</h3>

In this post I used heading in decnding order. The same list is nested under the same order. In this way google will easily understand what the content is about. Always manage the parent-child order while writing.

(b). Post Schema

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