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What are the (Personal) requirements for starting a blog website?

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In the previous article we covered a brief introduction to blogging and its types. Before writing a blog and putting it on internet, it is most important to know the requirements for starting and publishing a blog website.

I divided those requirements into two categories, on is personal and other is technical. In this post I will discuss personal requirements only.

Personal Requirements

Though your blog website goes public and everyone would watch it but there are some personal requirements which is very necessary to setup and publish blog website to internet.

01. Single Mindset and Strong Dedication

Not only in blogging but everywhere in this world a single mindset and strong dedication is foremost important than anything to setup a business, organization, blog or a company.

Give reason to your work. Answer yourself why you want to start a blog website? That reason will make you to stay writing unless you become successful in your field.

Though in reading; blogging seems to be an spicy thing by most of, but writings blogs are boring one. It is not guaranteed anywhere that you start a blog today and it goes viral and you get millions of hits in a day. It is a slow and steady process, the more your blog is old the more hits you will receive. As your domains goes older the higher rank your blog do have. So consider starting a blog website if you have some time to build your career.

Well, I don’t want to demotivate you because blogging have huge market in future. The number of blog readers increases day by day. And the demand for making and developing blog webiste increase everyday.

Unlike trending videos of YouTube or Facebook once you goes up in blogging world you never come down. . If the quality and quantity of your blogs is good then you might get ranked within months.

02. Niche or Topic

Blogging is a vast field. It is not limited to answer, promote or review a product. Any new idea which is relevant to audience is welcomed in blogging. The topic or idea of your blog is termed as Niche.

I have discussed various type of blogs in the recent post, each type I explained has its own topic. For example, a health blog has post related to Weight loss, Diet, Diseases, Remedies, Medicines, Health Tips etc. while a business blog has post like Investment Tips, Market Research, Stocks and Finance.

It is a good practice to post content which is absolutely related to a unique and single topic/niche known as Niche Blogging. Whenever a blog is made in the intent of posting content of wide range topics is known as Multi-Niche Blogging.

I recommend to have a single niche blog rather than a multi niche. One of the reason behind this i.e. it is challenging to find a name of your blog that fits multiple of niches or topic.

03. Your Goals

Goal is your destination. Clear your goal first, what you want to achieve from writing blogs? why you are writing? how you see yourself in coming 10 years? Take a diary and answer these questions firstly. A Canadian writer says:

If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else

Dr. Lawrence J. Peter

Decide firstly where you are going than start writing. Believe me blogging is a boring thing. You may quit for many times. So know your goal before starting anything.

04. Language

You have idea, you have content and you have audience but wait, how you share it with others?

Here language is the only way to communicate and share your ideas with your friends. So a strong grip in language is must, because this is all about writing. You have to convert your visitor into real customer only with your sweet and understandable language.

Blogging is not limited to any language, you can choose any language you want based on your audience location and their needs.

If your topic is for a specific group of people than you must write that particular language which they can understand easily. For example it may be ideal to write blogs and articles in Arabic for Arabs, in Urdu for Pakistani, in Hindi for Indians etc.

Though you can write blog in any language, but I recommend you to use English as your primary writing language. Most of the blogs on internet is written in English lang. because of its universality. That’s why English is ideal for writing a blog.

05. Money

I promised you in recent posts that you need not to pay anything to start writing and publishing a blog website. You can start and test your blog website for free, but to stay in this field for years. You need some initial investment.

You may know very well, to start anything in this world you need to invest your effort, time and money. For starting a blog you need to invest a very little amount but, its not completely free. Though there are many ways to start blogging for free, but to play big you need to invest some amount.

You search topic, you make content, you write it in your laptop or pc, this is your effort and you can do it without paying. But for publishing your blog you need to put it on computer(Server) which works and stay connected to internet all the time. You have that computer? No!

Wait, wait, wait

You need not to purchase that computer, but you can buy it on rent to put your blog website there. That’s why you need some money. Its not more than $5-10 for an year.

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