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What Is Blogging? How Can I Start Writing Blog For Free?

Start Writing Blog For Free


Blogging or writing blogs is one of the top online earning professions in the world. It is growing rapidly and is expected to grow very fast in the future. With the changing lifestyle, the way of reading and learning changes with time. Now most of us read news, magazines, and stories on a smartphone rather then holding a physical books or newspaper. Even today we learn from the smartphone via the internet.

In this post, you will get an introduction to blogging in depth. This is a series of posts in which you will learn everything about blogging. After completing this series of posts than you will be able to write your blog for free. In this post I will answer these two questions:

  • What is Blogging?
  • How can I start Writing a Blog?

What is Blogging?

I try to cover blogging in one line; Right now what you are reading is a blog, the person who writes this blog is a blogger and his profession is blogging. Blogging is all about web content. A blog is a particular type of web page that provides knowledge and information required to the customer. It is made to answer the queries of most of the audience. Blogging helps to share ideas and information across the web.

Types Of Blogs

There are many types of blogs according to the niche selected by a writer. Some top blogging niches are:

  • Health/Fitness Blogs: These are one of the evergreen blog types. As the name suggests these blogs contain content related to health and fitness.
  • Tech Blog: Tech blogs are a great way to share your expertise while building a potentially valuable readership. It can help you to document projects, or provide guidance to other web users.
  • Food Blogs: This blogging niche is very popular among all the group of audience. These blogs contain recipes for different types of food.
  • News Blogs: This is one of the top-earning niches in the blogging industry. News blogs generally contain news, advertisement, and anything on the trend.
  • Personal Blogs: Personal blogs are managed by an individual for personal branding. It includes diaries, photos, author experience, and anything an author wants to write.

These are some of the modern blogging niches which have most of the audience at present. The main goal of writing a blog is to reach the audience and give a piece of information they want. Besides this, advertisement is also a part of blogging.

Remember while you are reading a blog somewhere on the internet you might found some campaigns poping on the page. A Blog writer appends these ads for revenue generation. In this course, you will find how you can earn from writing blogs.

How can I start Writing a Blog?

Nowadays due to technological advancement, it is very to start a blog and start writing on it. To start writing blogs you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Pick a name and niche for your blog
  2. Get a domain name and hosting
  3. Set up your WordPress account
  4. Start writing

Though these are very simple and easy steps to start writing blogs, wait there is a sad reality of blogging.

Yes, it is sad to tell you that you need to pay to purchase a domain, Hosting, WordPress Theme, and plugins. But if you follow me till the end of this course you need not to pay a penny for anything. I will help you in writing your first-ever blog absolutely for free.

The prerequisite for writing a blog will be covered in the next post. Please share your valuable feedback in the comment box.

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