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These Website Standard Terms and Privacy written on this page shall manage your use of our website Shafiq Hub acessible at www.shafiqhub.com. This website is managed and developed in such a way that it meet the most of the user requirement. These terms will be applied fully and affect to your use of this website. Furthermore this page of privacy will help to ensure you that you are 100% secure while visiting our website.

You can not be rich in a night, it is a difficult process and it takes time to get a single dollar from internet. We do not promise you that you will get huge money just by reading our explored methods and techniques because we don't guarantee any website or application expressed/explored in our blog. This website is intended to guide you the earn money from blogging field in depth and all the other ways of earning money. The content on this website is pure and copyright free content.

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By using our website, we ensure you that you are 100% safe and secure. We or any other third party don't collect any of your secret information for any purpose. We use some other third party application for managing our website and its content like ahref, alexa, moz, ubbersuggest etc. To track website analytics, we use Google Analytics to measure and manage traffic data like user location, active users, returned users, new users, page visited, audience aquiesation etc. which is abasolutly fine for your security. In this information we don't collect your IP's or mac address. You are totally free to use our website.

Beside this our website uses premium SSL(Secure Socket Layer) Certificate to provide you an anti-malare and virus-free webpages. We belive that the security of our client should not be compromised in any way. This website is a static website which don't have any kind of connection to databases and its manupulation. We just render HTML, CSS and some JS to your browser to provide you the content that meet your expectation and requirement.

Third Party Advertisment

For the purpose of revenue generation, we are partenerd with third party advertiser programmes like Goolge Adsense and affiliated with Amazon. In most of our posts and pages you will find third party ads and affiliated links. These ads and links are displayed according to your interest in that particular field. These ads and links are usually related to products, games, websites and other electronic promotions. By visiting those ads and links of your interest you will be redirected outside to our website where our terms and privacy won't work. We are not responsible of your compromised security or access of your personal information by visiting that ad or affiliated link. That website or app may or may not provide you best security as our hub provides. By using our website you are agreed to our third party advertisment and affiliation programme. But to make your experience better we are minimising the number of ads and affiliate links in our pages. We will place promotions where it seems beneficial and necassary.

Our advertisment policy are very strict, if any of the advertiser found suspected in publishing harmful and sexual endorsement content it will be removed as soon as possible. He/She will not be able to display ads on our website in future.

No Warranty

This Website is provided "as is," with all faults, and Shafiq Hub express no representations or warranties, of any kind related to this Website or the materials contained on this Website.